Investigations against the sale of counterfeit products, Counterfeit products seizure, Investigations against peruvian counterfeits


Acquisition of IP rights, such as trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, etc. is of little economic value if these rights cannot be duly enforced or they are not respected.

When a right of the owner of an IP right has been infringed, all owner's attention is focused on this problem instead of concentrating on how to take advantage of his respective rights, therefore, professional advice is the most suitable since it is necessary to stop such unauthorized use and discourage the infringers by making them realize that in case of future infringements it will be difficult for them to avoid major consequences, as well as that the IP right's owner obtains a favorable sentence ordering payment for damages.

At Estudio Delion , we count on an advanced watch system which let us monitor and detect any infringement of our clients´ IP rights within all the period they are in force: 10 or 20 years, according to the case.


  • Investigations against the sale of counterfeit products on the internet.
  • Investigations against the sale of counterfeit products in the Peruvian markets and retail stores.
  • Identification of distribution networks and factory locations.
  • Confiscation or seizure of the counterfeit products.
  • Destruction of all the pirate products. 
  • A heavy fine against the infringer. 
  • The closure of the infringer's premise(s). 
  • Recording of the infringer in the Peruvian national registry of  infringers.
  • An appropriate monetary compensation for damages   on behalf of the owner of the right.