Estudio Delion


Copyrights are made up of productions from the following fields :

- Literary works
- Phonograms
- Audiovisual works or images
- Softwares or Computer Programs

As well as, productions in the Scientifics and artistic fields whatever be the way of expression, such as: "books, pamphlets and other writings; lectures, conferences and other similar works; dramatic plays and dramatic musicals; cartography works; pantomimes; musical compositions with or without lyrics; cinematographic works and the works made with any similar procedure; drawing works; paintings works; architecture works, sculpture; engraving, lithography; photographic works and the works made with any similar procedure; illustrations, maps, plans, sketches and plastic works relatives to the geography; topography; architecture and sciences. ( *1996 Legislative Compilation of Intellectual Property, Page 281, INDECOPI ).

Estudio Delion has developed an advanced Trademark Software , which allows us to watch all copyrights that are being used in the Peruvian Market or Abroad market, preventing that counterfeiters take advantage of the prestigious of our client's copyrights; likewise our company carries out Periodical Inspections in the main outlets in order to detect the existence of smuggling and/or counterfeit products which could affect the interests of our clients .


- Copyright by registrant.
- Copyright search, by title.
- Registration of unpublished or published literary works.
- Registration of data base or data compiling.
- Registration of phonograms.
- Registration of computer software or programs.
- Registration of audiovisual works; or image in movement,   not considered as works.
- Registration of catalogues, albums, collections or   similar.
- Registration of photographies, slogans with or without   music, games and didactic exercises.
- Registration of artistic interpretations.
- Registration of any other productions of human talent.
- Integral Consultancy.