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Important information to take into account for applying for an Industrial Design registration in Peru:

International Agreements

Paris Convention, Washington Convention, Cartagena Agreement (Andean Community) and ADPIC

Novelty Requirements


Claiming Priority

Yes, but it is not compulsory to claim priority


An application will receive an initial examination on both absolute and relative grounds. The design is then published for opposition, and if no oppositions are filed, the patent office proceeds to examine registrability of the design .

Protection Period

Ten (10) years

Extension Term



Once in the Official Gazette EL PERUANO


It is available. Decision 486 of the Andean Community allows for an opposition proceeding after publication in the Official Gazette and before substantive examination proceedings regarding registrability are completed.

Annuity Payments


Grace Period for Annuity Payments?


Compulsory Licensing


Working or nominal working of Design


Estudio Delion
provides personalized consultancy by means of Work Meetings and Feasibility Studies that allow us to understand the necessities of the industrial designer who is interested in protecting their creations; these steps save time and money since they decrease transaction costs and facilitate the taking of right decisions in a shorter term.

Services :

- Industrial Designs searches by title or by owner including our   legal evaluation related to the registrability.
- Registration of industrial designs including preparing, filing and   prosecution.
- Claiming of foreign priority.
- Recordal of Assignment, License, Merger, Change of Name or   Address.
- Reconsiderations.
- Oppositions.
- Appeal and defense to appeals filed by third parties.
- Nullities, cancellations and other related matters.
- Infringements and Unfair competition actions.
- Integral Consultancy.