Peruvian domain name registrations, Oppositions, Renewals and so on before the Peruvian Scientific Network

Domain Names Before the Peruvian Scientific Network

Domain Name is the entrepreneurial identity in the Internet and it is comprised of the web side address in Internet, which can be got, in the case of the Peruvian domain name ""through the Peruvian Scientific Network ("Red Científica Peruana").

Currently, it has been established the new Peruvian Cibertribunal, which is the body in charge of solving the lawsuits between trademarks and ccTLD.Pe domain names. The respective proceedings are conducted according to the Rules stipulated in the Dispute Resolution Policy named “peDRP”, which is based on the principles of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy adopted by ICANN.


  • Search of a Domain Name. 
  • Registration of Domain Name including preparing, filing and   prosecution. 
  • Representation before the Cibertribunal.
  • Domain Name Renewals. 
  • Integral Consultancy.


1.- Applicant Data:

  • Name

  • Address

2 .- Administrative Contact Data:

  • Name

  • Capacity

  • Address

3.- Technical Contact Data:

  • Name

  • Capacity

  • Address

4.- Primary Server

  • Host Name that is DNS Primary.

  • IP Address of the DNS Primary.

5.- Secondary Server

  • Host Name that is DNS Secondary.

  • IP Address of the DNS Secondary.

Time of prosecution: 20 days 

Validity of a Domain Name 1 year, extendible indefinitely 

Note: In order to maintain in force a Domain Name, it must be paid the respective annuities before its expiring date .

Duración del trámite: 20 días 

Duración del Nombre de Dominio: 1 año , prorrogable indefinidamente. 

Nota: Para mantener en vigencia el Nombre de Dominio, debe ser pagado el mantenimiento anual antes de su vencimiento.