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 Intellectual Property Cases in Peru

Estudio Delion S.R.L. , representing the famous football clubs: Manchester United PLC (UK), Bayern Manchen AG (Germany), Futbol Club Barcelona (Spain) and Club Atlético River Plate A.C. (Argentina ) .

Trade mark counterfeiting and product piracy are common in Peru as in all of Latin America. This criminal activity is presented in a variety of forms, but most often involves someone trying to apply for the registration of a trade mark, which is famous in another country but has not yet been registered in Peru.


Estudio Delion, representing the U.S. well-known manufacturer of valves “ CRANE CO .” from USA

On October 2006, our advanced watch system detected a Peruvian company, “the infringer”, trying to enter into our country counterfeit GATE VALVES from China bearing the trademark “CRANE”.


Estudio Delion S.R.L. representing the well-known company Araya Industrial Co. Ltd., from Japan, which a manufacturer of wheels and motorcycle spare parts.


By means of Application No.103-2003/CCD of September 18, 2003, our law firm filed an action before the Commission of Defense of the Unfair Competition on behalf of our client Araya Industrial Co. Ltd. , from Japan against Motorrepuestos Señor Cautivo E.I.R.L. from Peru. The First Administrative Instance, that is the Commission of Defense of the Unfair Competition as well as the Court of Defense of the Competition and Intellectual Property - Defense of the Competition Division through the Resolution No.132-2003 of December 4, 2003 declared FOUNDED this action and therefore punished Motorrepuestos Señor Cautivo E.I.R.L., as follows:

Estudio Delion S.R.L. representing the famous company Gianni Versace S.p.A. from Italy.


This case is about an application for registration of the trademark " GIANNI VERSACE ", on behalf of our client Gianni Versace S.p.A. under application No.245796-94 class 25, which covers: Clothing, footwear and headgear; which was denied by the First Administrative Instance by means of the Resolution No.987-96-INDECOPI/OSD of January 25, 1996, because it was registered the similar one VERSAGE.

Estudio Delion S.R.L. , representing the prestigious company Gordon & Rena Merchant Pty. Ltd. (now GSM (Operations) Pty. Ltd.), owner of the worldwide known trademark "BILLABONG".


This case is a Nullity action filed by our Law Firm on behalf of Gordon & Rena Merchant Pty. Ltd. under application No.145205-88, based on the notoriety of our client's trademark " BILLABONG ", because an unknown third party, namely Bahia Trading S.A. from Peru, had registered this trademark on its behalf in the international class 25.

Estudio Delion S.R.L., representing to Royal Bank of Canada from Canada vs. Seguros La Fenix Peruana from Peru.


This case is a Cancellation Action against the trademark " ROYAL ", in International Class 36 which covers: insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs, of our client Royal Bank of Canada ; this Cancellation was filed by Seguros La Fénix Peruana based on a supposed non-use of our client's trademark.


Estudio Delion S.R.L. (formerly World Patents S.R.L.) vs. the Peruvian State

On May 9, 2000, our Law Firm filed an Action of Non-Compliance before the Andean Community of Nations ("Comunidad Andina de Naciones") against the Peruvian State , due to the fact that the National Institute of Defense of the Competition and Intellectual Property INDECOPI - (Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Propiedad Intelectual) was failing to fulfill the Article 93 of the Decision 344 of the Cartagena Agreement