Los Mirtos 239 - Lince

Lima  - PERU



Be it known that I/We the undersigned ____________________________________________________

residing at__________________________________________________________________________

do hereby grant to ESTUDIO DELION S.R.L. identified with R.U.C. 20419451259 and/or Fayssy Hernan Castro Delion with D.N.I. No. 07851141 and/or Alain Hernan Castro Delion with D.N.I. No. 09343380 and/or Lilie Jeanne Rosa Castro Delion with D.N.I. No. 07773099 and/or Virginia Briguet Castro Delion with D.N.I. No. 1026421, all of them addressed at Jiron Las Acacias 898, Urbanización Las Palmeras, Los Olivos, Lima, Peru; full and sufficient Power of Attorney to apply before the proper national bureau and Peruvian authorities, for the issuance of Invention Patents, Precautelatory Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs, Registration and Renewal of Trademarks, Abandonment of Actions, Commercial Names and Slogans, Cancellations, to, with express power and in the name of the principal(s), waive all kind of rights totally or partially and to dispose (to waive) of movable assets in general, Total or Partial Renunciation of Rights, Nullities, Licenses of Use, Changes of Name and Address, Assignments, Mergers, and in general any agreement which will modify the records of a particular registration, to accept Assignments of Intellectual Property elements that third parties perform on our behalf, sign for such purposes the appropriate agreements, Health Registrations and Copyrights, Protection of Plant Varieties, to which end they shall be empowered to take all necessary steps before the said authorities for the object stated, prepare descriptions, make protests, all kind of declarations, including affidavits required for the patent registration procedure under the Patent Cooperation Treatment known as PCT and outside this, including affidavits stating that the invention to be patented has been created within the working relationship between the inventor(s) and the grantor of this Power of Attorney, and all affidavits that might be necessary during the prosecution of the respective procedure; objections, appeals, Trademark Coexistence Agreements, Reconsiderations and Claims, complaints for unfair competition and infringements of intellectual property rights, act as depositaries of the products confiscated on an official inspection with all sufficient Powers required for the appropriate action, including the request of inspections, to appoint and accept the appointment of examiners, to conduct preparatory proceedings, to offer evidence, to answer infringement and unfair competition actions and/or denounces filed by third parties against the grantor with full Power to represent in the whole administrative procedure and defense against all these actions. Also, to celebrate transactional agreements; to attend conciliation hearings, exhibition of documents; pay taxes, prove workings, bespeak certified copies, receive documents, accept transfers, withdraw applications, recover any sums of money and do all and whatsoever shall be necessary before any administrative authorities for the purposes hereinabove stated. Likewise, they are empowered to request the amendment of a corporation’s name or firm’s name at the Judicial Branch; to file judicial actions; to file administrative litigations regarding annulment of administrative resolutions, and to represent us as defendants in all civil and Constitutional actions, including court actions seeking reversal of administrative resolutions, with all such general special Powers included in Articles 74 and 75 of the civil process code, as may be required including the faculty to get substantive rights, to suit, to countercharge, to propose exceptions, to respond suits, countercharges and exceptions, to desist from trial and claim, to accept, to admit the claim, to conciliate, to settle judicial and extrajudicially, to put forward controversial pretensions under arbitration, to substitute or delegate the trial representation, to perform declarations of party, to recognize and exhibit all kinds of documents; to request, obtain, file, execute, and vary all kinds of precautionary measures or preliminary injunctions, to file countercautionary measures whether of proprietorship or personal nature, the latter including sworn personal recognizance, to request endorsement and to collect certificates of Court-Ordered deposits; to bid in Pactions; to request the attachment of goods to collect a reclaimed debt or part of it, to intervene in all kinds of public hearings, to request the clarification and rectification of Resolutions to offer and act all kind of probatory measurements, to present refutable measurements, and in general every necessary act for the correct trial procedure, including sentence execution and the charges and costs payments, to collect court costs and expenses; to act in the execution of a Resolution, as well as to perform all acts that are required in Courts, Tribunals and Forums of Justice; understanding that the acts presented herein are merely declaratory and are not limited to them, thus being vested with all the faculties that will be required by Law; to file claims before the penal or crime courts against violation of Industrial and Intellectual Property committed by third parties against rights of the grantor empowered to appear before the courts, to appeal and to celebrate transaction agreement; said Attorneys are also authorized to substitute these Powers if they consider it proper, and to revoke such substitution, if necessary; including violations of the advertising legislation and consumer protection before the appropriate authorities with all the faculties required for the corresponding proceeding, including the request of inspections, to appoint and accept the appointment of examiners, to conduct preparatory proceedings, with full Power of representation; to celebrate transactional and/or conciliation agreements, produce proofs, absolve interrogatory documents; to request declaration of insolvency of debtor Company.

In addition, it is understood that they will have the broadest faculties to extrajudicially request, negotiate and compromise before initiating any judicial proceedings.

Furthermore, said attorneys are empowered to apply for the registration of Domain Names before the corresponding authority in Peru, as well as to file oppositions and/or nullities to any application or registration of any Domain Name similar or identical to any registered or applied for trademark on our behalf in Peru; or that infringe any Intellectual Property Rights legally obtained in our name. Likewise, they are empowered to file defense to any oppositions filed against any application to register a Domain Name on our behalf. Also, they will have the faculties to amend the data of a Domain already registered, to eliminate a registered Domain Name or amend the data of a Domain Name already registered on our behalf.

In the same way, said attorneys are empowered to apply for the recordation on our behalf of our trademarks and copyrights registered in Peru at the Superintendencia Nacional Tributaria (=Tax National Superintendent Office), in order to have all the facilities to request the adoption of border measurers, as set forth by the Legislative Decree No.1092.

This document expressly ratifies all the acts that the abovementioned Attorneys have conducted in our Name in respect to the aforesaid capacities, before the issuance and signature of this Power. The Attorneys will also have the right to substitute or delegate this Power of Attorney, if they consider it necessary and revoke such substitutions and assume powers again if required.

It is hereby stated that the delegation of Power is done without the loss of the faculties that the grantor has.

This Power of Attorney shall not be revoked by any Power of Attorney granted in a later date to a third party unless such revocation is expressly indicated.


Hereby, it is fully revoked any kind of Power of Attorney granted previously to the present one.


Done and signed at


Full name, title and signature