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Estudio Delion is formed by the joint of the traditional experience in Administrative Law and Civil Right of Fayssy C. Delion together with the expert in Patents Lilie C. Delion who have an extensive professional practice in Intellectual Property of more than 26 years, they are the Peruvian attorneys of highly prestigious companies, such as: Arcor S.A.I.C. from Argentina, KIA Motors, the BILLABONG Group from Australia, Samsung Electronics among others.

Attorneys in charge of such important companies, they have transmitted their experience to the people by means of different articles, such as: Paris Convention: Clash between Real and Local Time and Impact of the Free Trade Agreement - FTA on the Intellectual Property Rights in Peru; Bad faith does not require evidence – Magazine: Managing Intellectual Property, UK, Edition: November 2007, Ambiguity in the Article 8 of the Paris Convention , Magazine: Managing Intellectual Property, UK, Edition: February 2008, among others.

Likewise and in order to be updated on the IP Issues as well as to fortify the relation between their clients and colleagues they are attending: the International Trademark Association – INTA - 130ava Annual Meeting May 2008, Berlin – GERMANY; Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property-ASIPI, XIII Work Sessions - December 2007, Cartagena de Indias - Colombia; Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property-ASIPI, XII Work Sessions - November 2006, Río de Janeiro- Brazil.


Fayssy C. Delion

FAYSSY C. DELION - Founding Patner

Founding partner and general manager of Estudio Delion. Fayssy C. Delion has long and great know-how in intellectual property. He is a talented trademark expert in charge of the registration, defense, monitoring as well as any legal action concerning intellectual property in Peru of famous national and international companies, such as: Samsung Electronics; The Billabong Group from Australia; KIA Motors from Korea, ARCOR from Argentina, etc.

Lilie Delion

LILIE C. DELION - Founding Partner

Founding partner of Estudio Delion. She has dedicated most of his professional career to promoting innovation, creation and technology transfer through the patent protection, she also has an extensive knowledge and experience in brands and is responsible of the trademark portfolio of large companies, such as: Manchester United Football Club from England and Choice Hotels from USA.

Alain C. Delion


Rocío Olivares

ROCíO OLIVARES - Pharmaceutical Chemist CQFP 09813

Pharmaceutical Chemist graduated from the Sao Paulo University (Brazil), Magister in Production and Pharmaceutical Control; specialist in Administrative Law and Auditor specialist in Integrated Management Systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and HACCP System.

Virginia Delion

VIRGINIA C. Delion - International Manager


Virginia C. Delion , partner and Public Relation Manager of ESTUDIO DELION. specializated in: Unfair Competition, International Business, Instruments of Commerce and Integration, Intellectual Property carried out at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (= Pontifical Catholic University of Peru ) as well as at INDECOPI Unfair Competetion & Intellectual Property school of continuining education.


System Engineer graduated from the San Luís Gonzaga of Ica University, expert in software development, support the departments of trademark watching as well as the copyright of the company specialized in Patents and Trademarks Estudio Delion.


Consultant with 17 years of experience in management and strategic consulting. Currently in charge of the merger process in Química Suiza S.A. for the acquisition of Albis S.A since 2016.

He has been a consultant on strategic issues, corporate finance and business and brands valuation in companies such as:  Albis S.A. (Boticas Arcángel, Albis and CIPA), Hoschchild Mining, Total Artefactos S.A. (La Curacao), Grupo Crosland S.A., ZINSA, Termodinámica S.A., Pesquera Diamante, Ferreyros among others. He was the corporate manager of financial planning and management control at Albis until 2016.

He studied Business Administration at the “Universidad del Pacifico” and he has participated in specialization courses in Peru and abroad.