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Peru ranks 5th in the Latin American country brand

"Flattering news for the development activities in Peru, it has been elected at the 5th place as the best country brand developers among 21 Latin American countries, according to a ranking prepared by the consultancy FutureBrand"

marca país

The ranking was developed by asking more than 2000 business and leisure travellers from the U.S., UK, UAE, Australia, India, South Africa, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, Sweden and South Korea.

It is pertinent to point out that the country brand is a concept used in marketing and communication to referring to the intangible value of reputation and image of the brand of a country through multiple aspects, such as products, tourism, culture, sports, companies and government agencies, which determine the values ​​associated with that country.

A good country brand is, for the advocates of this concept, adding value to products from that country and labelled «made ​​in …» as well as for tourism, attracting foreign capital, labour recruitment force and its political and cultural influence in the world. As a result, many countries have organizations dedicated to improving their brand image and emphasizing its distinguishing qualities. Simon Anholt is considered the founder and promoter of this concept.

The assessment of the country brand has many variables: Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Value System, Quality of Life and Good for Business Peru leads the ranking in the variable «History and Cultural Heritage.» The greatest weakness in the ranking for Peru is located in the «Quality of Life» and «Fitness for business» which obtained a 12th and 9th place respectively, which is understandable in view of the situation that was the country for many years because of the corruption, economic crisis and political violence.

The results shown in the Country Brand Index report placed Peru in 5th place after the assessment of their recognized attributes but also under great challenges for the near future. The opinions of experts consulted staff show  Peru as an emerging state like Chile and Brazil, but with key aspects such as «quality of life» and «Fitness for business» to be strengthened to improve the perception of tourist potential.

The variable «History and cultural heritage» is the best collection for the international traveller wake about our country’s brand, which develops partnerships with arts and culture, authenticity, history and natural beauty. For its part, the variable «Tourism» for the country rated 5th place, where topics such as Food & Drink, Hotels and Resorts, Convenience, Beaches, Nightlife and Shopping were associated. The most striking aspect in this area is that Peru won 2nd place in Gastronomy below Argentina. On the other hand, Peru does not appear in the top 10 destinations to find good beaches, unlike what used to hear about this country.

Also, within the category «Quality of Life», the results are unfavourable for the country, as it occupies 12th place. Basically, the items that make up this category contain security issues, education, health systems, employment opportunities, the standard of living and a better place to live, areas in which Peru is generally not found with an outstanding profile due to the various social conflicts in recent years.

Another revealing result is the 9th place in the category «Fitness for business», which is qualified because of the Advanced Technology, investment climate, regulatory framework and skilled labour. While it is true that the economic growth has increased in recent years, this report regrettably reveals that this growth has not been perceived by investors and tourists.

In any case, these data can be used to continue efforts to improve the country’s image, which results in better living conditions for its inhabitants, as well as the best business opportunities for investors to consider as an option to invest in this country.

Virginia C. Delion

Virginia C. Delion

Partner and Manager