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Peruvian Held Corporation

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The Peruvian Held Corporation is also called Ordinary Held Company; being the most common and also the most used corporation. It could be voluntary established, however in some cases it is established by order of the law, as the cases of the banks. It does not have any limit of shareholders. In addition, it must necessarily have bodies like: the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board and Management. These promote a better control inside the held company.

Finally, it can be registered in the Public Securities Market.

Ordinay held company’s requirements

  • Shareholders´ Identification Data:

In case the shareholders are foreigners visiting our country, it is required their foreign identity cards or on the contrary, identification data of the Attorney representing them indicating the powers granted upon him or her).

Line of Company Business

It must be detailed the corporation’s purposes.

Type of Contribution (capital assigned)

It can be in cash or in personal property. Also, it must be defined the way of distribution of the capital among the shareholders and the nominal value of the shares.

The identification data of the first directors (3 members, as minimum), stating which of them will be the chairman of the board and the identification data of the general manager or the managers, depending on whether the shareholders wish to have a single or several managers.


In Peru, the General Law of Companies regulates the structure and operation of commercial companies. Among these, it recognizes three types: the closed corporation with a maximum number of 20 partners and with restrictions on the circulation of shares; the open corporation whose shares are traded on the Stock Exchange is made up of many more shareholders than is necessary to open a company, and the regular corporation is also known as S.A. (Anonymous society). Source: