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Founding Partner

Fayssy C. Delion

Fayssy C. Delion

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Founding partner and general manager of Estudio Delion. Fayssy C. Delion has long and excellent know-how in intellectual property.

A skilled trademark expert in Peru, he specializes in the registration, defense, and monitoring of famous national and international companies in the area of intellectual property, such as Samsung Electronics; The Billabong Group from Australia; KIA Motors from Korea, ARCOR from Argentina, etc.

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Articles written by Fayssy C. Delion

Fayssy C. Delion has promoted the knowledge of the Intellectual Property through articles in the national and legal media.

Severe Sanctions in Trademark Cases: Corrective Measures – Peru, HG Legal Resources – May 2012

“Administrative sanctions, in contrast to criminal sanctions, are limited to fines, so it is vital that fines are large enough to deter infringing behaviour.” 

A Reality Check in Trademark Cases – Peru, Magazine: World Intellectual Property Review WIPR, UK  – January 2011

We welcome the decision issued by the Peruvian Trademark Office (INDECOPI) that upheld the opposition against the registration of the trademark Billalcon Surfers and logo in Class 25 by Jose Almeida Contreras.

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over 38 years experience


Events attended by Fayssy C. Delion

Fayssy C. Delion

XIV ASIPI Congress

Río de Janeiro, Brasil, 2006

Work Days and Board of Directors of ASIPI

Cartagena, Colombia, 2007

XV Work Committees and Board of Directors – ASIPI

Santiago de Chile, 2010.

ASIPI, is an inter-American regional organization, is an observer member of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO and actively participates in other international forums such as the World Trade Organization-WTO and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN.

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