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ESTUDIO DELION Peru’s leading experts in valuing companies

Business valuation in Peru

Business valuation

eSTUDIO DELION - Peru's leading experts in valuing companies

The business valuation  in Peru is a method that consists of calculating the range of values ​​between which its price is found and its performance.

As an asset accounting method, the valuation of a company is fundamental. In this way, the company has a higher legal and book value and can, for example, apply for a loan.

Our experience includes hundreds of valuations of brands, companies, and intangibles. We have been hired by several of the country’s most significant economic groups to value medium and large companies.

ESTUDIO DELION - Peruvian business valuation experts

Company valuation requirements

In order to carry out the valuation of the company, all this documentation must be from the last five years.

ESTUDIO DELION - Peru's leading experts in valuing companies


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