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Foreign Labour Advice in Peru

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Foreign labour Advice in Peru

Foreign labour advice Peru- Contratación de trabajadores extranjeros

Foreign labour advice in Peru – the hiring of foreign employees in Peru is ruled by Legislative Decree No. 689, Law for the Recruitment of Foreign Employees, as well as the Supreme Decret No. 014-92-TR.

Peruvian law allows the hiring of foreign employees as long as they do not exceed 20% of the total number of employees and the total remuneration to be paid to the foreign employees does not exceed 30% of the total payroll.

However, these limiting percentages can be exempted in the cases of specialized or technical professionals, management, and administrative staff as well as in some cases where the hiring can be justified.

The Foreign employees’ work contracts are subscribed for a specific period, being the maximum period of 3 years, as well as the aforesaid contract must be approved by the Labour Peruvian authority.

Finally, to obtain a legal Peruvian employment contract, the foreign employee must have the migratory status of a tourist or, apply for a special permit before the Peruvian Migration office

ESTUDIO DELION - Foreign Labour Advice Service

our professional services Include:

“Foreign labour advice in Peru; migration counselling and obtaining an immigration card in Peru; Social security advice for foreign employees in Peru; Tax advice for foreign employees in Peru; Administrative infringement advice for foreign employees in Peru. ”


ESTUDIO DELION - Foreign Labour Advice in Peru

Questions And Answers

Once you obtain a job foreigners can apply for a working visa.

It is not necessary to have a job for entering to Peru. Foreigners can enter with any kind of visa.

They have the same benefits in the private labour regime and are subject to the same contributions and

However, MTPE («Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo») has to approve the employment contract, and they must obtain the qualifying migratory status.

They are: Business visa; Working Visa; Investor Visa; Visa of a designated worker; Independent Visa / professional: Immigration Visa; Student Visa.

It allows Foreigner to work in Peru after the approval of a working contract by the Peruvian Working Institution – MTPE

It allows foreigners with no intention of living in Peru to carry out business, legal, contractual activities and specialized technical assistance or similar.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants it. 

The business visa allows multiple entries to Peru and a stay period of a maximum of 183 days, cumulative within 365 days.

To obtain a Peruvian investment  Visa, foreigners must prove an investment equivalent to S/500,000 Peruvian Soles. The foreigner can only get the title of Director or Manager of their company, and they must comply with the applicable labour and tax regulations.

The designated worker can carry out work activities in Peru required by his foreign employer for a limited period. The designated worker can sign contracts and transactions.