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ESTUDIO DELION – Intellectual Property Lawyers –  Since 1984

IP Lawyers in Peru


Since 1984

ESTUDIO DELION IP Lawyers in Peru and Worldwide provide specialized advice on all the key pillars of protection, compliance, and commercialization of intellectual property

From administrative and judicial cases to complex, high-risk litigation, ESTUDIO DELION – IP Lawyers in Peru advises prestigious national and multinational brand owners, including Hyundai Corporation, Samsung Electronics, KIA Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation and Machester United Club, on strategic trademark and patent matters.

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IP Lawyers in Peru & Worldwide

Alain C. Delion

Alain C. Delion - Intellectual Property Lawyer

Peruvian Intellectual Property Lawyer

Alain C. Delion, Esq. Partner and lawyer of Estudio Delion is a professional who graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and specialized in Intellectual Property and Free Competition. Contributor of the International Trademark Association – INTA Report: Legislative Trends regarding Trademarks in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Outline of Current Bills and on the Legislative Process.

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ESTUDIO DELION IP Lawyers in Peru and Worlwide


ESTUDIO DELION - IP Lawyers in Peru & worldwide

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ESTUDIO DELION – IP Lawyers in Peru count on hundred of Intellectual Property Associates around the world. Therefore, you would have the same quality and professional service in any country where you need it.