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Our Peruvian corporate attorneys and lawyers provide a complete service, from creating the company, branches, and Joint Ventures to commercializing its products or services.

Our Peruvian business lawyers have advised many foreign companies regarding the establishment of successful corporations before SUNARP – Peru, such as Erom Global Co., LTD, from Korea; JOYTRAVEL NY, INC., from the USA; Meridian Business Advisers, from the USA; Avente, Inc., from the USA; Tradeview, from England; Rules Cube Inc from Canada; Nature’s Blend from Colombia; Galletasur del Perú from Bolivia; Antares Trading from Argentina; Plastimaq International from Venezuela; Constructora Meco Sucursal Perú SAC from Costa Rica; Biotefar Perú SAC from Colombia; Degusta Internacional SAC from Panama, among others.

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact: Lilie C. Delion email:; we will gladly resolve your queries.

Peruvian Corporate Attorney

What is the best corporation to choose?

Peruvian corporate attorney

Corporate Lawyers in Peru

In Peru, The General Law Of Companies Regulates The Structure And Operation Of Commercial Companies; it contemplates different types of companies: Held Corporation S.A., a Closely held corporation also called Closed Stock Company (S.A.C.), Open Stock Company called, also called Publicly-Held Corporation (S.A.A.), among others. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so entrepreneurs must choose the most convenient modality for them and their line of business.

In this sense, our experience Peruvian business lawyers recommend setting up a Closely Held Corporation (Sociedad Anónima Cerrada – S.A.C.).

A Closely Held Corporation is a corporate type, considered by the Peruvian national legislation, more comfortable to be handled by the partners since it does not require a Board of Directors. Also, it does not quote on the Stock Exchange. Thus, its establishment and opening are not complicated.

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ESTUDIO DELION - Corporate Lawyers Peru

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Our skilled Peruvian Corporate Attorneys and Lawyers  can successfully advise you in all the business processes from the planning and establishment of the corporation until the company products or services trade.

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